What Documents Do I Need To Submit To File An Eviction?



You must file a formal eviction notice in order to evict your tenant unless they have given up or abandoned the rental property!

You risk being sued by the renter and being fined by the court if you forcefully evict the tenant, threaten to do so, or stop providing utilities or services to the tenant. This is where EZ Eviction Inc. comes into play, with its professional eviction consultants providing the best eviction services California has seen.

Listed in a sequence are the steps to be taken, as per the guidelines by EZ Eviction Inc. landlord rights lawyer;

  • Choose the appropriate eviction notice.
  • Give the tenant the formal eviction notice.
  • Prepare and submit a summons and complaint.
  • Create and submit an application for a hearing to "show cause"
  • Deliver to the renter the summons, complaint, application, and order.
  • Attend the "show cause" hearing.
  • Create the order, temporary writ, and security notice.
  • Submit your order and writ for signature after posting the security.
  • Make plans with the police officer to evict the tenant.

How Can I Get Ready For A Formal Eviction?

To start with, there are a few things you should be aware of in order to adequately get ready for a formal eviction. You may find everything you need at ezevictioninc.com to make sure you're abiding by the law and dealing with tenants fairly.

Understanding Eviction Laws on How to Evict a Tenant;

Eviction Laws: As per the advice of a professional landlord rights attorney, it’s crucial to be aware that eviction regulations differ significantly from state to state. If you make sure you are knowledgeable about these rules and keep them in mind when you are drafting a lease agreement, it can save you a lot of stress.

This guarantees that the document is valid and that, in the event of an eviction, the tenant is fully aware of the procedure. Frequently, landlords will use a lease agreement that has been drafted by a landlord tenant attorney who is familiar with the eviction service laws of the state in which the property is located. Here at EZ Eviction Inc. we maintain our position as the best eviction services California can offer. 

If you need to file for eviction and your lease agreement has already been written, take the time to understand the state's eviction laws or at least consult a landlord tenant lawyer to ensure that you will be able to prevail in court.

Making a Court-Filed Formal Eviction Request;

Therefore, it's time to visit your local courthouse if you've found yourself in the terrible position of needing to file a formal eviction with the court. It can be difficult to consider how much time, money, and patience this has already cost you and will continue to cost you over this period. The clerk will schedule your hearing once you show up at the local courthouse, and they will let the renter know; you won't have to. You will need to demonstrate that you gave them a legitimate eviction notice and enough time to leave, among other things. This is why you need to get the best eviction services California has to give you and your best option is to hire a landlord rights attorney at EZ Eviction Inc. which will enable you to get the best eviction services. We at EZ Eviction Inc. know all about how to evict a tenant.

Attending the Court Proceeding with an Eviction Attorney;

You'll need to bring a lot of paperwork with you to the court hearing when the time comes. This is why it's crucial to understand how to get ready for the court hearing and what paperwork you might require. All the necessary documents are listed here, however depending on your particular case, you might require more.

List of fundamental documents for a formal eviction notice;

  • A leasing contract
  • Returned checks from the tenant, if any
  • Proof of any payment records
  • Any images or other proof to support your argument in other eviction instances, please
  • Every correspondence you have ever had with the tenant
  • A printout of the letter you sent the tenant as notice

Evidence of the notice's delivery date (this can be done by providing a receipt from the post office)The tenant will have a difficult time convincing the judge that they paid their rent or that they never received a formal eviction notice because you must present all of the aforementioned papers. The court will probably give you the benefit of the doubt up front, which could help you win the case.

EZ Eviction Inc. wants you to be as ready as you can be. Get a good night's sleep the night before the hearing, conduct lots of study, and make sure you have all the required paperwork. While in the courtroom, conduct yourself with honesty, decency, and professionalism.

Follow these steps to prepare and file your documents:

  1. Fill out the complaint, civil cover sheet, and summons papers completely and precisely. Please sign the documents.
  2. Add the exhibits to the grievance (the rental agreement if one exists, the eviction notice served, and proof of service).
  3. Make at least two complete copies of the summons and complaint that are stapled together. With a two-hole punch, pierce the top of the original documents, and stamp or write "original" between the two holes.
  4. Deliver the summons, civil cover sheet, and complaint to the court clerk at the relevant justice court. You need an email address to file in the court, and you might be able to do it without physically going to the courthouse. For more information, please visit our website: ezevicitoninc.com
  5. Pay the necessary filing fee, which varies based on the amount of money that is being sought in the case. For further information, go to Filing Fees and Waivers by clicking.
  6. Give the clerk your copies in return. The court will send you the documents by email in one or two days.

After Winning the Case & Evicting the Tenant;

Now that you've prevailed in court, your tenant has a certain period of time in which to vacate the property. Even at this stage, the tenant occasionally delays check-out. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, you must go to your neighborhood sheriff's office to arrange for a police escort out. Sadly, it will then be your responsibility to remove all of their belongings and store them while keeping a record of what has been done.

Conclusive Remarks;

We are aware that being a landlord requires a lot of labor, like having twenty jobs in one. Sadly, as a landlord, you may occasionally find yourself in the awkward position of having to evict a tenant.

This guide should make that process a little bit simpler for you. You now understand how to file for eviction or issue a formal eviction notice, what supporting documents you'll need, and the circumstances under which you may or may not be able to legally evict someone. Giving the tenants adequate notice is crucial, and sitting down with them for an adult dialogue might mean the world to them. Remember to be understanding if they are having trouble paying the rent, but also firm and let them know that they have two choices: pay the rent or leave.

Although we at EZ Eviction Inc. sincerely hope you never need it, we are aware that landlords must issue formal evictions on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us or visit our website at exevictioninc.com in order to get council by the best professional landlord tenant attorney, the best eviction consultant California has to offer. We are here 24/7 in case you need to file for eviction or issue a formal eviction notice and require EZ Eviction services. Furthermore, now that you have the information you will require if you ever find yourself in this circumstance, you are more knowledgeable and can know how to file for eviction utilizing the services of the best eviction service and their competent landlord tenant lawyers.

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